All about NILE® packaging

How to pack my package with NILE® ?

A small tutorial comes with NOT ISLE ® and a video is available if needed. You are also free to try more daring packaging if you wish.

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How many times can we use the same NILE® ?

As many times as you want! Give it away, reuse it for another gift, it is machine washable (at 30 ° C) and ironable *. Your packaging lives to the rhythm of the smiles offered and the LINKS that you weave. And don't hesitate to send us pictures of your trees!

* therefore offering a cleaning protocol compatible with COVID-19

NILE® is it adaptable? What do the formats correspond to?

Of course ! 4 formats that allow you to wrap 85% of the gifts offered.

  • The size XS allows to offer gifts of the type: lingerie, wallet, hat, gloves, pocket book, chocolates / confectionery (around 250 gr) 250ml gourd, smart phone, card games, box, perfume, jewelry ...
  • Size S makes it possible to offer gifts of the type: t-shirt, shirt, clutch bag, scarf, book / comic book, chocolates / confectionery (about 800 gr), bottle, tablet, games, teddy bears, doll, perfume box ... .
  • Size M makes it possible to offer gifts such as: sweatshirt, jacket, bag, shoes, album, large book, gourmet composition, 3-bottle box, laptop computer, games for children or board, decorative object
  • The size L makes it possible to offer gifts of the type: coat, big bag, boots, gourmet composition, box of 6 bottles, computer, case or barrel of games, small appliances, decorative object

A non-standard format is also possible, quick estimate on request :).

With Nile® everything is possible!

I hesitate between 2 sizes, what to do?

1- Write U.S indicating the dimensions (length, width, height and / or the name of the article) to be packed and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

2- If you still have any doubts, you can always play with your NILE® to adapt it. Watch our videos or social media to find tips from our community.

What is the difference with traditional gift wrap?

In NOT ISLE ® , we favor the sustainable, the beautiful, the simple. Each year, 20,000 tons of paper are thrown away and a large part not, because not recyclable (partly contain plastic). We find this single use inconsistent with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle but want to continue to enjoy the joys of opening gift packages. NOT ISLE ® , so this is the right compromise! Made in France with 100% cotton fibers in our workshops employing people with disabilities. Take the fold and join us!

NOT ISLE ® suitable for children?

We have tested our products on the little ones and their joy remains intact. We even found that pulling on a knot was easier for them than tearing paper… With a premium less risk of getting cut!

I love tearing the paper off my gifts, what should I do?

Not much ... if not trust us, you will have as much pleasure to discover your gifts with our product;).

My N ISLE ® arrived damaged. What to do ?

We are sorry for this situation. We refuse to pack our NOT ISLE ® in plastic to send them to you in order to be consistent with our values.

Contact us through our contact form so that we can find a solution.

I still haven't received my N ISLE ® . What to do ?

We are sorry for this situation. Delivery in mainland France takes on average 2-5 days. We are committed to working with efficient providers for delivery but also respectful of the environment.

Contact us via our contact form for us to find a solution.

How to maintain my product N ISLE ® ?

Your product is machine washable at 30 ° if it is stained. Otherwise store it between 2 uses away from light to better preserve the colors.

What are the delivery and return conditions?

Detailed delivery and return conditions are available here .

Where to find N products ISLE ® ?

The list of our distributors is available on the page "Our points of sale"

I want to resell N products ISLE ®

Thanks for your interest ! Let's get in touch via our contact form;)! Or write to us at partners@nile-tissu.fr

What is the composition of the products?

Our products are 100% cotton. They are therefore vegan, waste-free (reusable), durable. We manufacture them in France (from design to delivery). Our clothing workshop employs people with disabilities to promote their professional integration and our designer is 60 years old. Long live France, long live entrepreneurship, long live women, long live the LINK and long live the experience!

With COVID-19, is your product suitable?

Wait 1 week between 2 reuse to avoid any risk or pass it in the machine then with a light blow of the iron. In these times when we have spent so much time apart, we believe it is more important than ever to foster the LINK between the people who are dear to us.